6 Essential Lessons that an Individual will Learn from a Former Addict

Posted: March 25, 2015 by in Better Hope Rehabilitation Services

Have an attitude of gratitude

If you’re in a treatment program, never forget the chance to be thankful for all the little things: the everyday “blessings” that you may receive at any given time, on any given day. The love and compassion from a family member, the kind and considerate staff in the rehab facility, a fellow rehab friend who is undergoing recovery or basically any supportive person you may come into contact: you need to be thankful for positive influences in your life. These pillars of support are so essential for recovery.

If rehab worked for me, there’s a right treatment that will work for you

Do you think your problem is so unique that rehab recovery programs would not work for you, despite the fact that it has worked for others? This is an excuse for not working hard. Rehab is hard work. If someone exerted the same amount of effort to get clean and achieved sobriety, then you’re expected to do the same while in rehab. You should likewise have the same success.

You don’t always have to deal with your problems alone, reach out to others for support

Who told you that you’re alone in your battle? Look around you, helping hands are always available. So drop the tough-guy attitude and forget about that stubbornness, don’t believe that you should handle drug addiction on your own. Getting help isn’t self-pity and keep in mind that reaching out really works.

Never base your self-worth off of another person’s opinion

Do not let other people determine your self-worth. Even those close to you, don’t truly understand you for who you really are. If you didn’t act the way people wanted you to, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s a typical reaction to hold others’ expectations in such high regards. If someone’s opinion doesn’t provide you with any positive vibes, simply disregard it and keep focused on your goals.

You are NOT alone

Forget about “it’s me against the world”. You don’t have to live by this motto. After meeting other recovering addicts and listen to their stories, you will realize how connected everyone is. Through our struggles, you may find that you actually share similar stories. Hearing their feelings, feeling the same way other people do, this will reassure and comfort you. You are not alone.

Hold On, The pain will go away (there’s HOPE!)

As simple and trite as this line sounds, never give up and keep fighting the good fight. Put your back into it. Every time the road gets bumpy and knocks you off your feet, get up again. If you fall seven times, get up eight. The journey is not easy, but if you hold on, the pain will surely go away.

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