Seek Help to Successfully Recover from Addiction

Once you or your loved one has decided to enter a treatment program, the next step involves choosing where to go. Every facility differs and choosing the right treatment center is important to ensure a good fit. What issues are the highest priority for you to work on? Some facilities offer treatment to those under the age of 18, while other do not There are services available for people past the retirement age. Make sure to ask every question you can think of to ensure that by the time you arrive at admissions you have squashed any doubt about the facility.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

The first stage of treatment is detox. In order to begin the process of recovery, first the addictive substance must be removed from the body. If you are in need of detox, consider a facility that offers medical detox within an inpatient setting. This allows for a seamless transition into intensive therapy sessions for the first thirty or ninety days, which are some of the most crucial for forming bonds and developing understanding and beliefs about recovery.

Inpatient and outpatient programs are both great at getting to the root problems that cause addictive behaviors. Inpatient offers around the clock support and medical attention, if needed, however both can greatly benefit the individual. Successful recovery from drugs and alcohol come at the cost of hard work on the part of the addicted individual. The role of treatment programs is to provide the necessary support, therapy and love in an effort to give the person the best chances at continuing along a path of sobriety.

Treatment programs that are fully accredited and staffed by licensed professionals is preferred. Receiving supportive, professional care can make all the difference in the world. Certified professionals are able to give the feedback and motivation necessary to overcome many obstacles faced in early sobriety. Before making your final decision on a treatment center, do a little research and make sure that you have chosen a place that will be able to adequately address all of your needs.

Motivational Interviewing

An approach used by counselors and developed specifically for problem drinkers in the 1980s and early 90s, Motivational Interviewing is a non-judgmental, non-confrontational and non-adversarial therapeutic method for addiction treatment. This method is goal-oriented and elicits intrinsic motivation from within the person to want to change his or her behavior.

Motivational Interviewing can prove especially helpful for those struggling with the disease of addiction. This approach does not specifically tell the person to change this or that, but works on a more fundamental level and helps the person address and resolve ambivalence. It works to motivate the individual in a constructive way and helps the person take responsibility for changes in his or her own life. The change comes from within the individual and not as a directional result.

Working Together for a Brighter Future

Whatever the treatment center you pick, congratulations on taking the first step up towards a life better than your wildest dreams. You have chosen to stop the abuse and slavery to inanimate, addictive substances and opted for a life of spiritual light. Recovery is a gift for those who are honest, open-minded and willing to change, and change for the better. It is a process and can be difficult at times, but the rewards are endless and the life after substance addiction is bliss by comparison to using days.